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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sophie's Film Choice #5: IRON MAN 3

(Looks up from casually reading a literary masterpiece as if interrupted)

Oh hello film fans! Fancy seeing you here! It's been a while...

What's that you say? You miss my film related postulations and witty anecdotes? Then fear no longer! Like the 'real slim shady' I am indeed back. Back again. (Tell a friend). Not only am I back but I am going to enthuse your senses by accounting my experience of Iron Man 3! Don't say I never treat you. 

After a glorious evening out at Sheffield's finest 90s bar 'Babylon' (so classy that they live by the policy 'No Drinks on the Dancefloor!') me and my fellow student accomplices decided to continue the decadence by making a trip to the cinema. But not just any cinema. The IMAX. Having not been to one in years, I eagerly donned my 3D goggles over my glasses (creating a fashionable look which would allow me to see every bit of flying debris in the next two hours) and settled ready to engage with some Iron fuelled madness. 

Chillin' in my armoured onesie. 
There were trailers. Lots of trailers. In fact, I thought at one point that we may have been in the wrong screening as we were shown about 15 minutes of footage from 'Fast and Furious 6' in a desperate plea for Vin Diesel's salvation. However, after a mere 40 minutes, the film began, and was well worth the wait. 

The blend of exciting action, believable characters and appropriate humour has made the 'Iron Man' series a firm favourite of mine, not being the greatest fan of comic book films for their own sake. Despite a new writer and director, Shane Black, the third instalment maintained the charm of its prequels, with added emotion and hilarity in equal measures (only Tony Stark could show so little sympathy for a small child and make us laugh). 

Dude! Brush your teeth!
Threatened by the dangerous and infiltrating force of 'The Mandarin', a formidable villain played by Sir Ben Kingsley (the obvious choice for a militant terrorist, I'm sure we all agree), Tony Stark faces his toughest challenge yet: protecting the world, his reputation, and dealing with his increasing dependence on his own technology. (Note to self: if creating a remote controlled suit, remember to switch it off before sleeping). 

Amongst some stunning action sequences, involving multiple flying suits, falling from planes and buildings being desroyed -IN IMAX-  the characterisation in this film is better than ever. Tony Stark, played by the irreplaceable RDJ (as we in the Hart family endearingly refer to him) proves he has a heart, without resorting to the serious, look- how- hard- my life- is, Ed Norton's Hulk style acting. And Gwyneth Paltrow, recently voted the most beautiful woman in the world, is badass. She's on it kung fu style, donning the iron suit and everything! Sassy. 

Topped off by the cold, smarmy and antagonistic presence of Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian, Stark's adoring fan turned sour (think 'Syndrome' in 'The Incredibles' but slightly less pathetic and whiny), the acting and screenplay transform this film from 'the one after The Avengers' to something much more substantial. I was well emosh. 

I am now going to provide you with my favourite moment of the screenplay:

Harley Keener: You're gonna walk away, like my dad?
Tony Stark:.... Yeah! 

And for some context, here is the child:

'You may leave me, Iron Man, but I've already acted in more films than you .'(Seriously, look it up, he was acting since birth!)
 On that note, I would thoroughly recommend 'Iron Man 3' to all fans of the series, all fans of RDJ, all fans of kick ass special effects, all fans of Gwyneth Paltrow in a bra, and anyone who wants to see Sir Ben Kingsley playing his finest role ever. Marvel- ous. (yep, I said it).

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