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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

25 years in film: the beginning (1992)

Come with me on a journey into the past...

The 90s, to be precise.

To commemorate my quarter life (should I be so lucky as to live to 100), I've taken a look back at the films that have made a lasting impression on me over the last 25 years. To clarify: in NO WAY are these the best films in the world - although some are extremely decent - but they each have a character, a story (and pretty much all the other elements that make them films. Duh). I was going to make this one post, but there were TOO MANY absolute classics, so we'll do bite-sized, yearly chunks. Just to prepare you for the long haul.

So, without further ado, get into your flowery leggings, grab a 10p Freddo and kick back in your inflatable sofa... we're going to 1992!

A bit about me at this time:

Age: 0-12 months
Hobbies: crying, being sick, crying some more

Obviously I don't remember any new releases from this year, but looking back on it there were some gems which have been a big part of my life since, starting with...


"Or can I call you 'laddie?'"
The third film in what we (at least in my family) call the Disney Renaissance, Aladdin is probably in my top 5 favourite Disney films of all time. It's perfectly paced, the characters are cheeky and flawed (including a CARPET who we actually CARE about), the villain is properly evil and ridiculous in good measure, and we're treated to songs of TOP Menken/Ashman quality. Prince Ali just has the best lyrics, and acts as the perfect vehicle for Robin Williams to shine as the multiple-character-changing Genie. A bonafide weekend watch whatever the occasion. 

I also feel that I relate to Abu on a personal level. I would not have given up that bread roll. 

It goes without saying that we all love Aladdin, so I'll let this cheesy 90s trailer say the rest.


"Do bundle up, it's... awfully cold outside" 
Ok, so we can probably agree that this isn't necessarily a GOOD film. But don't worry, I'm not going to include any non-Macaulay Culkin sequels down the line. For anyone who hasn't seen Home Alone 2 - it's essentially a re-hash of the first film - but in New York. The creepy broom man is replaced with a creepy pigeon lady, etc - it's all very by-the-book, festive family fun. However, we simply must take into account one key element: THIS film has Tim Curry in it. Being fabulous.

SOLD. (Don't believe me? Here's another fantastic original trailer). 


"I don't even own a gun. Let alone many guns that could necessitate an entire rack." 
This film is an absolute classic in my family and I'll always associate it with growing up - the jokes have stayed with me from primary school (I think I must have first seen it when I was about 9) and will continue to for years to come. It's ENDLESSLY quotable, spoof-ridden, high voltage joy and is the best way to enjoy Bohemian Rhapsody. Any film that has Alice Cooper describing the historic origins of Milwaukee is on to something great. We are not worthy.

This trailer makes me so happy inside.


"No cheeses for us meeses"
This is quite simply the best Christmas film ever made, and I'm sure not a year has gone by that I haven't watched it during the festive season. Charming, funny, with super catchy songs, this adaption is suprisingly true to the Dickens' original story, even lifting a significant amount of original text for the screenplay (albeit spoken by Gonzo). Although you do need to allow for some dramatic license: it did lead me to think for years that there were two Marley brothers...

Miss Piggy as Mrs Cratchett is genius, as is "Fozziwig" (you can't write this stuff). Also, get the tissues to hand for the homeless bunny and... TINY... TIM. *SOB*. A must-watch, even just to see Michael Caine dance as if he is just discovering his arms.

Get in the unseasonal spirit with this cheeky original trailer.

And purely for the nostalgia...


"I just think I'm more responsible than most people" 
Again, definitely better films, but I remember watching this a lot as a kid. Maybe I had a secret wish to become some kind of babyzilla and trample tall buildings? Probably. I was pretty violent. This was a sequel to the - probably superior - Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, where a goofy, hapless Rick Moranis accidentally turns his children flea-sized, leaving them to battle seemingly gigantic insects and slide off leaves. This time, it all goes the other way. Mayhem ensues. 

Disclaimer: I don't recommend this film. The trailer is quite funny though (and you get to see a HUGE baby). 

The nostalgia train stops here for today. Next time we'll delve into the excitement of 1993, but until then I'll leave you with this anthem...

Any glaringly obvious films I've missed from 1992? Do comment below!

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