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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

10 Film 'n' Food combos for a healthy balanced diet

As I was licking un-cooked granola mix from a spoon yesterday, it got me thinking. There must be some way to combine two of my greatest loves - film and food - into one delicious, nutritious package. As I got rid of the taste of honey by munching on some mini cheddars, I found the answer.

I've paired some classic films with the perfect meal to eat whilst enjoying them. Let your favourite flicks occupy ALL of your senses, with this delectable movie menu!

1. Ratatouille and... Tian Provencal 

Ratatouille is one of my favourite Pixar films: I love the romantic Parisian setting, the goofiness of the characters... and, most importantly, the FOOD. It's an obvious choice for a movie and meal combo (if you forget about all the potential rat hairs in the soups etc). You would think that ratatouille would be the obvious food to eat with this film - BUT you would be wrong! Whilst perusing Rachel Khoo's My Little French Kitchen the other week, I discovered that Remy the rat doesn't in fact change the critic's mind through a ratatouille, but instead, through a Tian Provencal (i.e. lots of tasty veggies sliced in a colourful spiral). Give it a go with Rachel's recipe, here! Of course, best enjoyed with a cheeky glass of 'vin'. 

2. Chef and pork Cubanos

John Favreau's Chef makes me want to eat ALL THE FOOD. In fact, it makes me want to open up my own food truck business just so that I can make and eat cheese + meat based snacks all the live long day. Above all though, I found myself craving one tasty item that stars in the film - pork Cubanos (Cuban grilled cheese sandwiches). They are basically the toasties of the gods and your key to eternal happiness. Find a bangin' recipe here (posted by Jon Favreau himself. Obviously).

3. Home Alone and a MASSIVE pizza 

I don't think this really needs explaining. Order yourself a lovely cheese pizza for one and get in the festive spirit. I'm not posting a recipe because the only way forward is to booby trap your house and order takeaway.

4. Chocolat and a Summer Salad 

As should you.

5. Princess and the Frog and Gumbo (followed by Beignets)

HUSH UP AND LOOK AT THE GUMBO! Mama Odie's words of wisdom ring true. Get into the New Orleans spirit with a viewing of the magical Princess and the Frog accompanied by a comforting Gumbo - with a kick of Tabasco, of course. Remember to mince those mushrooms just right! Recipe(s) here.

And for dessert, keep Mardi Gras going with some sugary Beignets:

6. Hot Fuzz and Cornettos 

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's series is called the 'Cornetto trilogy' for a reason - but Hot Fuzz holds them in the highest esteem. Nothing is so urgent that you can't have a cheeky Cornetto first, especially police work. If you want to do things by the book, make sure to grab the blue original kind (strawberry is for Shaun of the Dead and mint choc chip is for The World's End). It goes without saying, but beware of... BRAIN FREEZE.

7. Matilda and pancakes

As if anyone needed an excuse to make a stack of pancakes, this is IT. Best watched as a Saturday brunch film, stick on this irresistibly cute film and get whisking! If you're feeling particularly frisky, maybe even add in some cheeky choc chips or 'bluebs'. You might even find it in your heart to pull out your old primary school recorder to accompany that one Rusted Root song that people actually know whilst you're flipping. Recipe here.

8. Howl's Moving Castle and a Fry Up

And for Sunday... it's got to be Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle - with lots of eggs and bacon. This film is especially great for a hangover: dreamlike and peaceful in the right parts, with enough humour and action to keep you engaged throughout. You will need those fried goods on hand though: there are multiple mouth watering scenes of eggs and bacon being cooked and devoured - and you don't want animated food envy.

9. Lord of the Rings and PO-TAT-OES

Don't be a fool of a Took. Boil them, mash them, or stick 'em in a stew, I don't care.

10. Pulp Fiction and burgers

Bonus points if you can eat the burger as menacingly as Samuel L Jackson (without dripping burger sauce everywhere). Maybe this even becomes a whole diner style meal - go crazy!

There's my top 10, but if you can think of any other stellar film and food combos, stick your tasty comments below. Bon Appetit!

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