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Monday, 28 May 2012

Sophie's Choice: Reborn

No, I am not in the middle of creating a new action sci- fi extravaganza detailing my evolution from human to super robot bloginator.

(I did a silly, forgot my login details, and so have sheepishly restarted my blog, replicating it almost exactly in the hope that no- one will notice.)


..... on another note, it's summer time! :D

Inspired by the Fresh Prince, and his 'Jazzy' accomplice, I will endeavor to spend  'every moment' of my summer 'frontin and maxin': Snorby style (much like how they do it in Philly, except replace BBQs with cake- baking, pool parties with playing Scrabble, and cruisin' around with having a cheeky nap).

I may even write my own definition of 'summer madness', in a gangster- rap style. Keep your eyes peeled.

Catch you on the flipside, and keep it real,

S- dawg xxx

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