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Friday, 1 June 2012

Sophie's Film Choice #1: PROMETHEUS

Imagine the scene. Midnight. The quiet of empty streets, the ghosts of the hustle and bustle of daily life still in the atmosphere.
Unexpected road diversions. The Hatfield Galleria car park being mostly empty, and.... most unusually.... free. Something is amiss.
It can only be the opening night of 'Prometheus: this time with MORE mucous' (tagline optional).

A prequel to Ridley Scott's 'Alien' franchise (of which I have yet to watch any of the others, and now fully intend to) 'Prometheus' stands well on its own as a tension- filled, imaginative and shockingly slimy masterpiece, detailing a group of scientists who travel to an alien universe to discover their 'makers': hilarity ensues. Well, not really hilarity, and much as death, mortal fear and invasive surgery (you might find that funny I suppose, whatever floats yer boat).

'Phew. I will never complain about the bleep test again.'
Noomi Rapace gives an excellent performance as Elizabeth Shaw, an enthusiastic and resilient doctor with EXTREMELY admirable survival instincts. I found myself watching her and thinking 'Wow. You still aren't dying. Surely it's less effort just to die.' (good job she isn't like me, or the theoretical mankind would be screwed).

I was equally impressed with the unsettling and mildly comic portrayal of 'David', played by the beloved Michael Fassbender. 'The Fass' (as I'm sure he would like to be known) really acts as a catalyst for events, a walking disaster zone who invites all kinds of gooey, teethy creatures to get  'stuck in' to his shipmates. It's not his fault though, because there's something about 'David' that isn't all there.  And a LOT that isn't all there at the end. (In joke which you will only understand having watched it: watch it!)

Despite the clearly 'cast for Scottish accent' appearance of Kate Dickie, and some extremely questionable 'old person' prosthetics,  I was impressed and entertained throughout, by strong performances and harrowing visuals. And I resisted ripping off my 3D glasses in panic, of which I am most proud.
Fassbender admires his groomed appearance in a reflective orb. FRESH.

A mesmorisingly apocalyptic landscape, visually inventive futuristic equipment, and truly terrifying predators make this film an exciting experience for fans of the franchise, and any lovers of a good science- fiction, horror, or action film.

WARNING: If you have sensitive gag reflexes, you may want to bring a paper bag. Seriously.

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